As an organization founded by an entrepreneur and business owner, our primary focus is working with YOU, the owner of a small to mid-size company. We will identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses and work in partnership with you to inspire your employees, guide front-line managers to encourage results-driven decisions, promote accountability and enable your team to drive real growth collectively while taking your organization to the next level.

Think of the ONE8ty Team as your non-equity business partner. You are leveraging our knowledge and experience where you need it most to close the gaps that are preventing you from exceeding your business goals.

Jeffrey W. Zindel, CEO

With more than 33 years of experience, Jeff had a vision that resulted from his success as an entrepreneur and owner of multiple small businesses that led him to the creation of ONE8ty. He wanted to use his extensive grass roots experience and knowledge to partner with small to mid-size companies to help them navigate the challenges of business ownership and achieve market dominance in their respective industry.

Having worked on the corporate side as well as owned and sold multiple business over the past 30 years including the Potting Shed, Livingreen Interiors, Encartele and Accurate Communications, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive “hands on” experience to his clients at ONE8ty. His strengths lie in his keen understanding of business operations, the ability to create and implement successful marketing and sales initiatives as well as his ability to inspire, motivate and deploy talented human capital and maximize operations to support business growth.

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