Small businesses are having a more challenging time

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Small businesses are having a more challenging time finding holiday staffers this year as they try to compete with big players like Amazon for a shrinking labor pool. It’s time to get creative in where you’re looking and what you are offering prospective hires.

Here are a few tips:

  • Go beyond the obvious places when looking for staffers. Business owners should recruit seasonal staffers among people who don’t work regular 8am-5pm full-time schedules such as retirees, students, bartenders, etc. Owners should also consider flexible staffing, offering work in terms of hours rather than days, to attract stay-at-home parents and others who have limited time.
  • Be generous with hiring bonuses and other incentives. Owners should give their seasonal staffers as big a bonus as they can afford, and also consider perks like gift cards and tickets to sporting events or the theater.
  • Work with other businesses. Many retailers may lure seasonal staffers with discounts, but they might have more success if they band together with other stores and offer discounts to each other’s employees.

The One8ty Team has extensive experience in helping small business owners bridge the staffing gap during busy times of the year. Call us today and we can brainstorm ways to ensure you’re fully-staffed throughout the holiday season.